Peikko to extend its co-operation with Riga Technical University in Latvia

Peikko Group Corporation has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Riga Technical University, RTU. The agreement was facilitated and co-signed with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, LIAA. The purpose is to significantly expand the co-operation between Peikko and RTU’s Faculty of Civil Engineering in the coming years.

RTU is focused on becoming a third-generation university that provides high quality education, but also conducts advanced research and ensures innovation and technology transfer, practically implementing scientific discoveries. Peikko and RTU aim to co-operate in finding research topics for master’s thesis and Ph.D. work for students of RTU’s, as well as to facilitate internships within Peikko. The co-operation agreement also includes other activities, such as lectures and building site visits. In addition, the parties intend to later deepen the co-operation in the field of research. 

“We are pleased to extend our co-operation with RTU, a university we already know very well. Peikko has needs for long-term research partners to ensure the continuation of its success. We also aim to attract Latvian engineers to join our Peikko team,” says Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.

“We are extremely happy to start this co-operation with Peikko as it strengthens the RTU international co-operation network and contributes to our research excellence. Our students will have new thesis topics relevant to the industry and paving the way for promising career opportunities. The new agreement also contributes to the initiative of industrial doctor started by the RTU,” says Tālis Juhna, Vice-Rector for Research of RTU. 

Further information:
Topi Paananen, CEO, Peikko Group Corporation, mobile: +358 50 384 3001, email:
Tālis Juhna, Vice-Rector for Research, RTU, tel: +371 67089415, email:
Andris Ozols, Director, LIAA, tel: +371 67039400, email:

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Riga Technical University, RTU in brief:

RTU trademark is high quality internationally competitive engineering education based on more than a century-and-a-half old academic traditions appropriate to meet new technological challenges. RTU advances interdisciplinary research for successful implementation of innovations and impact on the national economy and society.

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, LIAA in brief:

Subordinated to the Minister for Economics of Latvia, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) aims at increasing export and competitiveness of Latvian companies, facilitating foreign investment and implementing tourism development and innovation policies. Technology transfer and applied innovation projects supported by LIAA are contributing to the development of the enterpreneurship and investment in Latvia.