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Demographics & land
Distance to major international cities
Road & railway infrastructure
Largest foreign enterprises operating in Jelgava
Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Jelgava
Labour skills and education
Incentives and developments

Demographics & land:

  • City area – 60,3 km2
  • Inhabitants in the city – 57 045
  • Inhabitants in the region – 37 000

Distance to major international cities:

  • Riga – 40 km
  • Port of Riga – 70 km
  • Port of Ventspils – 180 km
  • Port of Liepaja – 180 km
  • Lithuanian border – 35 km
  • Estonian border – 160 km
  • Russian border – 330 km
  • Moscow – 900 km
  • Stockholm – 460 km

Road and railway infrastructure:


  • Riga – Jelgava – Siauliai (Lithuania) – Kaliningrad (Russia) (E 77)


  • Riga – Jelgava – Siauliai (Lithuania),
  • Liepaja – Jelgava – Jekabpils – Rezekne – Moscow (Russia),
  • Ventspils – Jelgava – Jekabpils – Daugavpils - Vitebsk (Belorussia) – Smolensk (Russia).

Largest foreign enterprises operating in Jelgava:

  • Ltd “AGRO TRADE LATVIJA” - a branch of a Finnish company engaged in trade of grain, seed, fertilizers, plant protection products, etc.
  • Ltd AKG Thermotechnik Lettland (Germany) - develops and produces high-performance heat exchangers and complete cooling modules.
  • Ltd “Fortum Jelgava” (Finland) - heat supply.
  • KKR Ltd. (Germany) - produces goods for children.

Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Jelgava:

  • JSC "Baltijas gumijas fabrika" - a manufacturer of rubber compounds.
  • JSC "PET Baltija"- specializes in post-consumer PET bottle recycling.
  • JSC “Jelgavas Gaļas kombināts” - a food processor.
  • Ltd “Latvijas Piens” - milk products and milk processing.
  • Ltd "Jelgavas Tipogrāfija" - printing company.
  • Ltd “Zn metals” - metal working and metal coating.
  • Ltd “SFM Latvia” - steel fabrication manufacturer.
  • Ltd “Mitau Steel” - steel fabrication manufacturer.
  • Ltd "Evopipes" - production of pipeline systems.
  • Ltd "Eibe-L" - produces house furniture.

Labour skills and education:

At the beginning of 2016, 34879 of Jelgava’s inhabitants were of active working age. Jelgava city and region can offer specialists with core competences in motor mechanics, computer system maintenance and development, carpentry, agriculture and veterinary medicine. Latvian University of Agriculture with its base in Jelgava and 6,000 students offers a developed scientific base. The university offers a variety of expertise areas – food technology, civil and environmental engineering, information technologies, forestry and agriculture. Both the scientific staff and students welcome commercial research and collaboration

Incentives and developments:

Jelgava is actively positioning itself as an attractive investment destination by renovating its technical and engineering infrastructure (road, water, sewerage and heating systems), developing industrial territories and promoting its advantageous geographical position. NP Jelgava Business Park offers its clients production, storage and office spaces along with developed infrastructure.

Municipality can offer:

  • Excellent transit / logistics infrastructure
  • Developed industrial zones
  • Research institutions
  • Excellent education and training base

Contact information:
Jelgava City Council 
Phone: (+371) 630 05569
Fax: (+371) 630 29059

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