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Demographics & land
Distance to major international cities
Road & railway infrastructure
Largest foreign enterprises operating in Liepaja
Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Liepaja
Labour skills and education
Incentives and development
Support Instruments from the local Government

Demographics & land:

  • City – 68 km2
  • Areas of  SEZ – 3739 ha
  • Industrial areas – 543 ha
  • Inhabitants in the city – 70 499
  • Inhabitants in the region – 35 688

Distance to major international cities:

  • Riga – 223 km
  • Lithuanian border – 50 km
  • Estonian border – 330 km
  • Russian border – 510 km
  • Moscow – 1080 km
  • Stockholm – 360 km
  • Rotterdam – 1700 km

Road and railway infrastructure:


  • Liepaja – Riga (A9)
  • Liepaja – Klaipeda (Lithuania) (A11)


  • Liepaja – Jelgava – Riga
  • Liepaja – Jelgava – Jekabpils – Rezekne – Moscow (Russia)

Largest foreign enterprises operating in Liepaja:

  • Laskana Ltd. (Latvian – Swedish joint venture) is a timber port, which offers  wholesale trade of pulpwood, firewood and bio fuel and employs more than 80 people;
  • Baltic Transshipment Center Ltd. (Denmark) is selling fertilizers and seeds for agriculture and provide stevedore services in the port of Liepaja and employs 40 people;
  • AE Partner Ltd. (Denmark) produces control, automation and power distribution panels and employs more than 65 people.

Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Liepaja:

  • JSC UPB is a construction and building material manufacturing company, which employs more than 500 people.
  • JSC Liepājas osta LM is engaged in stevedore services and employs more than 260 people.
  • Lauma Fabrics Ltd produces high-quality lingerie.

Labour skills and education:

Liepaja is home to 34 000 economically active residents with renowned specialists in various fields. Historically Liepaja has well-developed metalworking and textile industries. Manufacturing engages 20 % of all employees. Higher and professional education institutions prepare skilled employees in the following professions: electricians, electrical, motor and automation engineers, welders, production equipment operators, woodworking equipment operators, accountants, business management specialists, environmental specialists and more.

Incentives and development:

Liepaja’s ice-free port is the third largest port in Latvia and offers Special Economic Zone tax allowances. Municipality dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship in Liepaja by developing infrastructure for industrial territories and providing professional advice at every step of project implementation.

Support instruments from the local Government:

  • Special Economic zone / Free port
  • Developed industrial territories
  • Professional workforce
  • Tax allowances
Contact information:
Mr Martins Abols
Deputy Head
Development Department
Liepaja City Council
Phone: (+371) 63404755
Fax: (+371) 63404806

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