How Rezekne can be your business partner?
Demographics & land
Distance to major international cities
Road & railway infrastructure
Largest foreign enterprises operating in Rezekne
Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Rezekne
Labour skills and education
Incentives and developments

Demographics & land:

  • City – 17,5 km2
  • Areas of  SEZ – 1155 ha
  • Industrial areas – 165 ha
  • City population – 28 156
  • Municipality population – 25 274
  • Population of the city and surrounding municipalities – almost 85 000
  • Latgale region population – 270 000

Distance to major international cities:

  • Rīga – 242 km
  • Moscow –  685 km
  • Stockholm –763 km
  • Lithuanian border – 110 km
  • Estonian border –  150 km
  • Belarusian border – 115 km
  • Russian border – 70 km

Road and railway infrastructure:


  • Riga – Jekabpils – Rezekne – Moscow (Russia) (E22)
  • Kaunas (Lithuania) – Daugavpils – Rezekne – Saint Petersburg (Russia) (E 262)


  • Jekabpils – Rezekne – Moscow (Russia)
  • Vilnius (Lithuania) – Daugavpils – Rezekne – St. Petersburg (Russia)

Largest foreign enterprises operating in Rezekne:

  • NewFuels RSEZ SIA. (The United Kingdom and Switzerland) engaged in wood pellets production
  • SIA “LEAX Rēzekne” RSEZ (Sweden) engaged in metal processing.
  • “Rēzeknes Dzirnavnieks” RSEZ AS (Sweden and Denmark) provides services of collection, pre-treatment and storage of grain in a modern elevator

Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Rezekne:

  • “VEREMS” RSEZ SIA engaged in veneer sheets and wood-based panel’s production
  • RSEZ SIA “LATSTAB” engaged in metal structures and components production
  • Rēzeknes gaļas kombināts” SIA engaged in high quality meat products processing

Labour skills and education:

The number of job-seekers at the economically active age in Rēzekne is around 2300 people. Rēzekne Academy of Technologies implements 59 various study programs. Rēzekne Technical School as a competence center for vocational education offers professional education to almost 1000 students in 18 curriculas: wooden article manufacturing, motor transport, construction works, marketing, food product technology, catering services, IT systems, programming, energy industry and electrical engineering, administrative and secretary services, interior design, hotel services.

95% of the inhabitants know at least one foreign language and 54 % of the inhabitants speak at least two foreign languages. 11% of the workforce is involved in the manufacturing sector, 17% are engaged in wholesale and retail trade, and 16% are employed within the transport, storage and communication sector. If you want to establish your business unit where skilled workers and craftsmen, equipment and machine operators, product fitters and professional managers are among the top professions, then Rēzekne is the right location for you.

Incentives and developments:

Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (RSEZ) with territory of 1155 ha offers a notable return of investment through a very favorable tax environment, competitive operating costs, diverse labour force and also financial assistance of Rēzekne SEZ Business Support Fund for implementation of business projects. Taxation in Rēzekne SEZ: corporate income tax applicable on dividends 4%, immovable property tax 0.3 - 0%. Return of investment costs in tax incentives up to 55%. Rēzekne SEZ offers a possibility to create free customs zone, which means - import and export operations are exempt from customs duty, excise tax, and value added tax.

Support instruments from the local Government:

  • Special Economic Zone (tax allowances)
  • Excellent infrastructure for eastbound logistics
  • Responsible and professional labour force

Contact information:
Ms Sandra Ezmale
Chief Executive Officer
Rezekne Special Economic Zone
Phone: (+371) 646 25941

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