• City – 18.18 km2
  • Industrial areas – 251,69 ha
  • Inhabitants in the city – 27 000
  • Inhabitants in the region – 60 600

Distance to:

  • Riga – 115 km
  • Port of Riga – 130 km
  • Port of Ventspils – 300 km
  • Port of Liepaja – 320 km
  • Lithuanian border – 200 km
  • Estonian border – 50 km
  • Russian border – 150 km
  • Moscow – 770 km
  • Stockholm – 670 km

Main road/railway intersections:


  • Riga – Valmiera – Valka – Tartu (Estonia) (A3)


  • Ventspils – Riga – Valmiera – Valka – Tartu (Estonia)
  • Liepaja – Riga – Valmiera – Valga (Estonia) – Pskov (Russia)

Largest foreign enterprises operating in Valmiera:

  • JSC Valmieras stikla šķiedra (Germany) produces glass fibre and glass fibre products, which can be used for further processing, for thermal and technical insulation materials, and as ready-made building materials. It employs more than 800 people.
  • JSC Valmieras piens (Latvia, Russia) produces dairy products engaging more than 300 employees.
  • Valmiera – Andren Ltd. (Latvian – Swedish joint venture) produces tanks, pipes and other equipment for highly aggressive liquids, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid solutions, ferric chloride, different salt solutions, hydroxides etc. It employs more than 50 employees.
  • Culimeta Baltics Ltd. (Germany) produces threads and texturized glass fibre products engaging more than 30 people.
  • Valtanks Ltd. (Sweden) produce single-walled and double walled fuel storage tanks, internal surface of which is coated with glass reinforced vinylester layer while outside is coated with fibreglass overlay. It is employing more than 20 people.

Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Valmiera:

  • Valpro Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel metal cans and leading manufacturer of fire-extinguishers and fire-extinguisher shells in Europe. It employs more than 330 employees.
  • Valmieras Mēbeles Ltd. produces furniture from veneered and laminated chipboard engaging more than 130 people.
  • V.L.T. Ltd. produces egg crates engaging 70 people.

Labour skills and education:

Valmiera has approximately 20 000 employed people, of which majority is engaged in manufacturing – 23%. Local educational institutions provide a complete education cycle for professionals, from high school to vocational diploma or university degree. Computer system technicians, caterers, managers, translators, and industrial programme controlling specialists – you will find them all in Valmiera. The research and competence support systems in Valmiera are based on Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator and the Institute of Social and Technical Systems Engineering of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

Incentives and developments:

Valmiera is actively positioning itself as an attractive investment destination by renovating its technical and engineering infrastructure (road, water, sewerage and heating systems) and developing industrial territories. Valmiera is determined to continue developing its status as industrial centre while offering its inhabitants plenty of green recreational areas. Valmiera also provides direct access to State administrative institutions thus shortening the time spent on receiving the required permits.

Municipality can offer:

  • Infrastructure for large-scale manufacturing
  • Assistance with industrial zone development
  • Excellent education and training base
  • Professional and motivated workforce
  • Research institutions

Contact information:
Mr Edgars Rantiņš
Head of Development and Project Management Unit
Phone: +371 64207165
Fax: +371 64207125

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