• City – 55,4 km2
  • Special Economic Zone – 2451,39 ha
  • Inhabitants in the city – 38 562
  • Inhabitants in the region – 12 361

Distance to:

  • Riga – 180 km
  • Port of Riga – 190 km
  • Port of Liepaja – 120 km
  • Lithuanian border – 170 km
  • Estonian border – 300 km
  • Russian border – 480 km
  • Moscow – 1000 km
  • Stockholm – 300 km
  • Rotterdam – 1700 km

Main road/railway intersections:


  • Ventspils – Riga – Rezekne – Moscow (Russia) (E22)


  • Ventspils – Riga – Valmiera – Valga (Estonia)
  • Ventspils – Riga – Jekabpils – Rezekne – Moscow (Russia)

Largest foreign enterprises operating in Ventspils:

  • Bucher Municipal AG (Switzerland) is the leading manufacturer of municipal vehicles. It is a subsidiary of the Division Bucher Municipal witch belongs to the Swiss Bucher Industries AG group. Bucher Municipal is the largest producer of mounted sweepers, sewer cleaning equipment, as well as winter maintenance and vehicles for refuse collection with markets in Europe, the U.S., Australia and Asia. The company currently, employs approximately 330 people.
  • Ventspils Nafta Termināls Ltd. (Netherlands, Switzerland) is the largest and most technologically advanced oil and petroleum product transhipment company in the Baltic States with a total area of more than 100 hectares and a tank farm with 105 storage tanks. It offers sophisticated petroleum product handling processes – receipt, handling and transhipment. The non-freezing port of Ventspils has always been an advantage, allowing a successful and effective advancing on an international level for more than 50 years by receiving and storing petroleum products from Russia and other CIS states and loading them onto tankers from international destinations. VNT has two shareholders – 49% of the company’s shares belong to Eurotank Holding Sarl (Switzerland), part of the international terminal operating company VTTI, while 51% belong to Martank (Netherlands). The company employs more than 250 employees.
  • Diana Sveces Ltd. (Denmark) is a partnership enterprise with Diana Lys Hald AS, and one of the largest candles manufactures in the Baltic region. The company, yearly, uses approximately 500 tonnes of vax. Approximately 91% of products are exported to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Poland and Croatia. The Latvian department is employing more than 210 people.
  • Malmar Sheet Metal Ltd. (Belgium) is a subsidiary company of the Cormetallis NV group in the field of machinery engineering and metalworking. The company produces a variety of metal parts and products and specializes in the manufacturing of truck and bus chassis parts for such brands as Volo. The plant in Ventspils employs more than180 people.
  • Immer Digital Ltd. (Germany) is a part of the international group of companies IMMER Group that is one of the leading producers of packaging polythene, materials, and labels in the world. IMMER Digital produces flexible packaging, labels and ready-made packages. Their products are certified with the requirements of food packaging standards and they offer the latest digital printing technologies, and it is the only plant of its kind in Northern Europa. Currently there are about 50 employees working in the company.
  • Pobeda Confectionary Ltd. (Russia) is a branch of one of the largest confectionery factories in Russia. Pobeda develops its own technologies and recipes for chocolate, soufflé, marmalade and other sweets. Ventspils branch produces 18 different types of chocolate and exports it to Saudi Arabia, the U.S., China, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus and other countries. Currently, the company employs approximately 30 people.

Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Ventspils:

  • ARBO Windows Ltd. is one of the most modern manufacturers of wooden and wooden-aluminium windows, doors and insulating glass units in the Baltic States and Northern Europe. The company exports their products to Japan, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and other countries. ARBO Windows is equipped with the most advanced production equipment and technology in the Baltic States. It is engaging more than 80 employees.
  • JSC HansaMatrix Ventspils is one of the leading Nordic and Baltic electronic system development and manufacturing companies, serving the leading OEM’s in their respective market such as industrial, transportation, telecom, renewable energy, medical and defence industries. HansaMatrix offers product engineering services, test system development, prototype manufacturing and others. The company’s shares are listed on the “Nasdaq Riga” official list. Currently, employs approximately 80 people.
  • Bio-Venta Ltd. is producing biodiesel, rapeseed oil and rapeseed cakes. It is the largest biodiesel production and transhipment complex in the Baltic States. The biodiesel is produced from rapeseed oil and processed rapeseeds and it is realized in the local and foreign market, for example, exported to Scandinavian countries. The maximum capacity of the production unit is 100 000 tonnes per year. The company employs more than 50 employees.
  • Kurzemes granulas Ltd. produces wooden pellet from domestic raw materials and is the biggest pellet producer in Latvia with domestic funds. The company produces high-quality industrial and premium class pellets (DINplus, ENplusA1, A2), providing 70 000 tonnes of pellets per year for the European market. Industrial pellets are shipped to national power stations, thermal power plants and heating plants in Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and other countries. The main markets for premium pellets are Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and other countries. The company employs approximately 40 people.
  • EuroLCDs Ltd. is the largest liquid crystal display factory in Europe with a clean room of 1800m2 (ISO class 8 standards) that is designed for extensive production of electronics. The company was founded in 2011, by engaging Swedish investors Hornell Tehnikivest and LC-TEC Display AB, as well as Latvian investors Macro Rīga Ltd. and the venture capital fund of BaltCap. The company’s main markets are Europe and the United States. The general partners of the company are LC-TEC International in China as well as the companies of HansaMatrix group in Latvia.

Labour skills and education:

Ventspils workforce consists of 24 331 inhabitants, 19 % of which is engaged in transport and storage. Ventspils University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1997 to facilitate the intellectual development in the region and to prepare highly skilled specialists. Universities departments are Economics and Management, Translation Studies, and Information Technologies and Ship navigation electronics, offering 13 Bachelor, Master and PhD study programmes. Ventspils branch of Riga Technical University offers study programmes in computer science, electronics, telecommunications, power industry, electrical systems, mechanics, and mechanical engineering. Ventspils has several decorated research institutions - Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center and Technology Transfer Center of Kurzeme.

Financial incentives and developments:

Ventspils has one of Latvia’s five Special Economic Zones (SEZ)/Free ports. It is also a home to Latvia’s second largest port which serves as a significant transit centre for Baltic region. Ventspils Freeport Authority offers premises for industrial projects: pre-built or customised industrial buildings and land plots with utility connections that can be purchased or leased for competitive price. That, in a combination with SEZ/Free Port tax allowances, makes Ventspils a preferred investment destination.

The territory of Ventspils has changed massively since the end of 90s – formerly unused grasslands and shrubs are now active industrial areas. During these years approximately 200 ha of Ventspils Freeport industrial territory has been developed. New production units, terminals, utilities, streets, and squares have been built. During the last 15 years, Ventspils Freeport has attracted 20 new companies and built a production area of 40 000 m2, creating approximately 1 500 new jobs. Ventspils Freeport Authority has built eight new industrial buildings and is planning to continue the infrastructure development.

Municipality can offer:

  • Special Economic Zone / Free port (tax allowances)
  • Collaboration on infrastructure development
  • Excellent education and training base
  • Professional workforce
  • Research institutions

Ferry traffic

Ventspils provides the fastest sea route to Sweden, connecting central Sweden and the economically active areas of Norway to Latvia, from where Russia, other CIS countries and further regions can be reached by land. The journey from Ventspils to Nynäshamn (Sweden, 58 km south of Stockholm, 545 km from Oslo) takes approximately 11 hours, and the ferry runs 12 times a week, providing both freight and passenger traffic. The operator of the ferry traffic is Stena Line.

Contact information:
Mr. Igors Udodovs
Head of Marketing and Development Department
Free Port of Ventspils Authority
Phone: (+371) 636 22586
Fax: (+371) 636 21297

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