• City – 55,4 km2
  • Special Economic Zone – 2451,39 ha
  • Inhabitants in the city – 42 700
  • Inhabitants in the region – 13 500

Distance to:

  • Riga – 180 km
  • Port of Riga – 190 km
  • Port of Liepaja – 120 km
  • Lithuanian border – 170 km
  • Estonian border – 300 km
  • Russian border – 480 km
  • Moscow – 1000 km
  • Stockholm – 300 km
  • Rotterdam – 1700 km

Main road/railway intersections:


  • Ventspils – Riga – Rezekne – Moscow (Russia) (E22)


  • Ventspils – Riga – Valmiera – Valga (Estonia)
  • Ventspils – Riga – Jekabpils – Rezekne – Moscow (Russia)

Largest foreign enterprises operating in Ventspils:

  • Ventspils Nafta Terminals, Ltd. is one of the largest and technologically most advanced crude oil and petroleum products transhipment terminals in the Baltic Sea region. The terminal employs more than 330 people.
  • JSC Kālija parks (the Netherlands) is one of the world's largest potassium salt transhipment company engaging more than 100 employees.
  • Bucher Schoerling Baltic Ltd. (Switzerland) produces parts for vehicles manufactured by Bucher Schörling. Vehicles are predominantly intended for municipalities and used for street cleaning. Ventspils plant employs more than 90 people.
  • Diana Sveces Ltd. (Denmark) is a subsidiary company of Diana Lys Hald AS, which produces candles and engages 170 employees.

Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Ventspils:

  • JSC BMGS has been operating in construction of marine facilities and civil engineering for more than 55 years. The company employs more than 370 employees.
  • Ventspils Elektronikas Fabrika Ltd. is one of the largest electronic manufacturing services companies in Baltic States providing clients with technically flawless, cost-effective, scalable and contingent electronic manufacturing services. It employs more than 40 specialists.
  • JSC Ventbunkers specialises in handling of light and heavy oil products and employs more than 300 employees.
  • Arbo Ltd. produces wooden windows and doors and employs 120 people.
  • Dendrolight Latvia Ltd . is a new Latvian company that started production of a brand new product - solid wood panel Dendrolight®. Now Ventspils hosts the first specialized production unit of this material in the world. The number of employees at the moment is ~ 40.
  • Bio-Venta Ltd.  is the largest biodiesel production plant and transhipment terminal in Latvia. The company has made more than 70 new working places in Ventspils.

Labour skills and education:

Ventspils workforce consists of 20 000, 24% of which is engaged in transport, storage and communication. To facilitate the intellectual development in the region and to prepare highly skilled specialists Ventspils University College was created in 1997. Its departments range from Information Technologies to Translation to Business Administration. Ventspils branch of Riga Technical University offers study programmes in computer science, electronics, telecommunications, power industry, electrical systems, mechanics and mechanical engineering. Venspils has several decorated research institutions - Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center and Technology Transfer Center of Kurzeme.

Incentives and developments:

Ventspils hosts one of Latvia’s four Special Economic Zones (SEZ)/Free ports. It is also home to Latvia’s second largest port, which serves as a significant transit centre for the Baltic region. Ventspils municipality also provides infrastructure development up to site border for potential investment projects. That coupled with SEZ/Free Port tax allowances makes Ventspils a preferred investment destination in Latvia.

Municipality can offer:

  • Special Economic Zone / Free port (tax allowances)
  • Collaboration on infrastructure development
  • Excellent education and training base
  • Professional workforce
  • Research institutions

Contact information:
Mr. Igors Udodovs
Head of Marketing and Development Department
Free Port of Ventspils Authority
Phone: (+371) 636 22586
Fax: (+371) 636 21297

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