How Daugavpils can be your business partner?
Demographics & land
Distance to major international cities
Road & railway infrastructure
Largest foreign enterprises in Daugavpils
Largest Latvian enterprises in Daugavpils
Labour skills and education
Incentives and developments

Demographics & land:

  • City – 72 km2
  • Industrial zone – 653 ha
  • Inhabitants in the city – 85 300
  • Inhabitants in the region – 276 000

Distance to major international cities:

  • Riga – 229 km
  • Port of Riga – 235 km
  • Port of Ventspils – 404 km
  • Port of Liepaja – 426 km
  • Lithuanian border – 25 km
  • Russian border – 120 km
  • Belarusian border – 35 km
  • Moscow – 750 km
  • St. Petersburg – 665 km
  • Stockholm – 634 km

Road and railway infrastructure:


  • Kaunas (Lithuania) – Daugavpils – Rezekne – St. Petersburg (Russia) (E 262)
  • Riga – Daugavpils – Vitebsk (Belorussia) (A 6)


  • Panevezys (Lithuania) – Daugavpils – Vitebsk (Belorussia)
  • Riga – Daugavpils – Vilnius (Lithuania)
  • Vilnius (Lithuania) – Daugavpils – Rezekne – Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Largest foreign enterprises operating in Daugavpils:

  • JSC "DLRR" - Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant (Estonian) Repair, maintenance and modernization service of diesel locomotives and electric trains, manufacturing spare parts.
  • AXON Cable Ltd. (France) production of electronic assemblies mainly for high tech electronic applications.
  • Zieglera Mašīnbūve Ltd. (Germany) production of agricultural machinery and  parking sensors.
  • Nexis Fibers Ltd (Switzerland) production of highest quality monofilaments for the most demanding industrial weaving applications.
  • JSC Latvijas Maiznieks (Estonia) bread and pastry production.
  • Belwood Ltd. (Belgium) production of wood pallets and garden wood.
  • East Metal Ltd. (Denmark) extremely high-quality steel components.
  • Regula Baltija Ltd. (Belarus) production of devices for authenticity control of security papers, developing of software to operate the above mentioned products and databases of travel documents.
  • Centennial Industries (Norway) production of special items from plastic films (PVC, PP, PE): stacionary items: desk pads, mouse mats, business card holders, clipboards, menu folders, passport covers, covers for autodokuments, files and pockets for dokuments, CD/DVD pockets, pockets for instruments,etc.

Largest Latvian enterprises operating in Daugavpils:

  • JSC DITTON Driving Chain Factory production of driving chains for automobiles industry, power supply units, conveyors, packaging equipment, agriculture facilities and other special machineries.
  • Belmast Ltd. production of communication towers, lighting towers, observation towers, communication and universally masts, constructions of electric power lines.
  • Magistr Ltd. Production of twisted and braided ropes, cords, twisted twines for navigation, construction, fishery and other industries.
  • BM Industrial company BM Industrial perform a full range of work aimed at creation and development of products made of steel, starting from an idea, design and finishing with a prototype. Our company specializes in manufacturing various welded metal structures: containers, bearing metal constructions for building frame works (columns, girders, beams, etc.), road gantries, console for the fastening of road signs and traffic lights, masts, towers, metal frames of wind generator cabins, metal electrical enclosures, stairs, stair rails, platforms, tribunes, advertisement billboards and pylons.
  • Ingrid A Ltd. wholesale of petroleum product.
  • Daugavpils Gaita Ltd. logistics and freights services.
  • Intergaz Ltd. importing, storage, bottling and distributing LP-Gas.

Labour skills and education:

Daugavpils is the city with 55 100 economically active residents in 2017 with renowned specialists in various fields  (64% total number of citizens). Historically Daugavpils has well-developed metalworking, chemical, food and construction industries. There are 5 professional education institutions prepare skilled employees in the following professions: electricians, welders, production equipment operators, woodworking equipment operators, accountants, business management specialists, environmental specialists and more. There are 6 higher education institutions in Daugavpils, where high-profile specialists are being trained in variety of sectors: biology, computer science and design, environmental science, engineering, economic and social sciences, mathematics, physics and many more. Daugavpils academic and research potential is further developed at multitude of research institutions under the Daugavpils University.

Incentives and developments:

Municipality support entrepreneurship in Daugavpils by developing infrastructure for industrial territories. Municipal support available to businesses, including advice, database of Daugavpils investment opportunities and production enterprises catalogue etc. Technology Transfer Office of Daugavpils University (TTO) helps your business with innovation, research and development, because they support and promote knowledge and technology transfer into manufacturing.

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Municipality can offer:

  • Rapidly developing logistic hub
  • Research and education centres
  • Tax allowances
  • Multi-lingual residents

Contact information:
Business Development Department
Daugavpils City Council
K.Valdemara Street 13, room 206
Phone: (+371) 654 76801
e-mail: vladimirs.nadezdins@daugavpils.lvedvards.sargsjans@daugavpils.lv

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