Pre-defined project and Small grant scheme – support for individuals and enterprises for development of innovative “green” ideas

Currently there are no open calls for applications in this programme.

Programme is designed to improve situation in technology intensive industries in Latvia by motivating and encouraging people to engage in business activities related to "green" industry development and supporting further development of existing enterprises.

Programme’s pre-defined project and small grant scheme activities are implemented under  the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No.181 of the Republic of Latvia “Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 programme “Green Industry Innovation” implementation rules” of 2 April 2013 (hereinafter – Regulations No.181).

Announcement of small grant scheme 3rd open call
Announcement of small grant scheme 2nd open call
Announcement of small grant scheme open call

Pre-defined project comprised establishment of green technology incubator that provides services to individuals and enterprises in order to support development of innovative, technology intensive and science-based “green” ideas. Incubator would serve as a bridging facility between “green” innovative entrepreneurs and the market.

Therefore Green Industry Innovation Center Ltd. (hereinafter – GIIC) was established in May 2013. GIIC is established together with University of Latvia, Riga Technical University and Industrial Development Corporation of Norway – SIVA.
Participation of scientific institutions in the Programme will ensure significant intellectual capacity that could possibly lead to notable innovations in “green” technology area. It is expected that within the Programme new innovative products and technologies will be created that will have positive impact on “green” industry development.

Agreement of the Pre-defined project Ltd "Green Industry Innovation Center"

9th October 2014 "Green Industry Innovation Center" was officially launched. It was attended by the Norwegian Ambassador to Latvia, representative of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, director of the "Innovation Norway"and other honorable guests.

Information about event in media can find here: Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte, LETA, LSM, LTV1, TV5

GIIC will provide pre-incubation measure and incubation measure (small grant scheme).
Objective of pre-incubation measure is to support individuals and enterprises to realize the innovation stage of their “green” idea, further necessary activities for idea’s development and opportunity to apply for incubation grant. Pre-incubation measure gives opportunity to obtain initial knowledge in entrepreneurship and to develop a realistic business plan. GIIC experts will support to realize all necessary steps and activities related to development of innovative “green” idea in order to elaborate through business plan and project application for incubation measure (small grant scheme).

Approved business idea applications and contracts of pre-incubation

Objective of small grant scheme (incubation measure) is to support development of technology intensive and scientific “green” ideas.
Eligible applicants are companies registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia and that fits under definition micro, small and medium-sized enterprise, and enterprises where one of the founders or only founder is public research intuition of Latvia that is registered in the register of scientific institutions. 

  • Amount of financing per one applicant: 10 000 – 140 000 EUR.
  • Aid intensity up to 80 %
  • Project duration: minimum 3 month, maximum until April 30, 2016.

In order to apply for small grant scheme, applicant must submit to LIAA following documentation:

  1. Project application form (attachment No.5 of the Regulations No.181);
  2. Business plan (according attachment No.6 of the Regulations No.181);
  3. Technology incubator statement;
  4. Registration form of De Minimis Aid (including linked enterprises);
  5. Letter of intent about collaboration (partnership)  in the project or partnership agreement with donor state partner (if applicable);
  6. Registration form of De Minimis Aid from donor state partner (if applicable);
  7. Operational report (including donor state partner operational report);
  8. Applicant management team curriculum vitae (CV).

Small grant scheme OC "Support to entrepreneurs for elaboration and implementation of new or substantial improved product, service or technology"

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