Business Incentives

Tax Incentives

  • Special Economic Zones
  • Holding Company Regime 

Labour Related Incentives

Finding relevant personnel:

  • Vacancy registration and employee selection (State Employment Agency)

Pre-hiring training:

  • Training of the unemployed at employer’s request (State Employment Agency)

Job creation grants:

  • Measures for Specified Groups of Persons (State Employment Agency)

Raising qualification of employees:

  • Support for training organized in partnership (LIAA)
  • Information technology training for small and micro enterprises

Incentives for R&D

  • Horizon 2020
  • 8 Contact Points for Technology Transfer
  • Competence Centres
    • Micro, small and medium businesses new product and technology development program
    • EU Support for Scientific Researches
    • Norway grants for „Green industry innovation” programme 


  • State Credit Guarantee

State and EU Rendered Loans

  • For Development of Business – Loans from State Aid Programs at Mortgage and Land Bank of Latvia
  • Mezzanine Loans for Improving Competitiveness of Economic Operators administrated by Latvian Guarantee Agency

Venture Capital

  • European Investment Fund’s JEREMIE initiative
  • Other Investment Funds

Staff trainings

  • To provide the support for training to facilitate the attraction of investors
  • For companies who establish businesses in Latvia


  • Seed Forum
  • Clusters