Seed Forum

Seed Forum is working with corporate and private consulting firms, investment banks and the world’s largest law firms, providing practical services for investment attraction and business presentation, presenting investment projects in Seed Forum conferences.

Seed Forum capital investments in Baltic States are 0.05 to 3.00 million EUR, 0.2 to 5.00 million EUR in the Nordic countries, elsewhere 0.5 to 20.00 million EUR.

Seed Forum Pitch Training seminar schedule: www.seedforum.org/academy


The program is designed to promote cooperation between entities, research, education and other institutions therefore increasing competitiveness, export and new product development. Already established clusters are open to welcome new members.

Supported activities:

  • Clusters and cluster cooperation partner organized event coordination
  • Promotion of cluster international cooperation
  • Cluster marketing activities (including market research)
  • Cluster coordinator and specialist training
  • Actions that promotes collaboration with education and science institutions (including cooperation partner training, research and infrastructure requirement identifying)

More information on these incentives can be provided by Investment Promotion Division.