Support for staff trainings

The aim of the program is to provide the support for training to facilitate the attraction of investors
The program is meant for companies who establish businesses in Latvia

Available funding:

  1. Total available funding: 2.9 million EUR
  2. Approximate amount of public financing provided to individual project: ~250 000 EUR
  3. Intensity: 60% for medium and 50% for large enterprises

Eligible trainings:

  • All types of training organized by LIAA or provided by  linked enterprise which are necessary for product, process, marketing or introducing innovation in the organisation

The training has to be aimed at bringing about an innovation - product, process, marketing or organizational innovation!!!

Eligible costs:

  1. For training organized by LIAA :
  2. training course costs
  3. transportation costs of employees
  4. salaries of employees for training period

       2)  For training abroad provided by linked enterprise of company:

  1. salaries of employees for training period
  2. accommodation costs for training period
  3. transportation costs of employees

Expected requirements for the company:

  1. The company is registered in the Republic of Latvia
  2. Total turnover for the linked enterprise group exceeds €5M in the last financial year
  3. At least 10% if equity shares are controlled by foreign company
  4. At least 15 jobs created or €1M invested in the equity (from the moment when the company will submit training project to the completion of the training project)
  5. The trained persons employed directly in the newly established company

Companies are eligible to apply for support if their represented business sector (applied project) falls within one of the “Smart specialization strategy (RIS3)” identified priority areas:

  • Knowledge-intensive bio-economy (research and creation of new products and services as well as improvement of quality and production efficiency of existing products and services in bio-sectors - agriculture, food production, forestry and fisheries sector)
  • Biomedicine, medical technology and biotechnology
  • Intelligent materials, engineering and technology (for example – smart communication with customers, smart resources monitoring system, high degree of automation, intelligent technologies in the transport flow control)
  • Smart energy
  • Information and Communication Technologies

Additional details

  • The training organized by LIAA must be an outsourced service. Trainings abroad are eligible
  • The training abroad must be provided by linked enterprise of the company- term ‘’linked enterprise’’ is defined in European Commission regulation Nr.651/2014 Annex No.1, section 3 paragraph 3
  • There will have to be a contract in place between LIAA and the investor
  • The training program must have a clearly defined start and finish with highly predicable outcome
  • The training will have to be aimed at bringing about an innovation of a sort; for example, training is expected to lead to a new product, process, marketing approach, organizational structuring, etc. (within the company)