State Rendered Loans

Co-Financing (Mezzanine) Loans

A co-financing (mezzanine) loan can be used to cover investment expenses related to the diversification of products with new ones, extension of the capacity or a fundamental change in the overall production process, setting-up of a new establishment or extension of the capacity of an existing establishment.

The maximum amount of a co-financing loan is up to EUR 5 mln. and it cannot exceed 45% of the total project costs (for loans from EUR 2 mln. to EUR 5 mln., the maximum amount cannot exceed 35% of the total projects costs). The minimum amount – EUR 50,000.

The maturity of a co-financing loan is up to 15 years for investment projects related to the acquisition, construction or reconstruction of real estate. For other investment projects, maturity is up to 10 years. 

Co-financing loan has a high credit risk and it is subordinated to the bank loan and low-ranking security (pledge) in relation to the bank. 

Micro Loans

A small loan that can be easily obtained and issued to an enterprise that does not employ more than 10 employees, with the possibility to apply for a loan before the establishment of an enterprise. The aim of micro loans is to start or develop small businesses for micro entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

The maximum amount of the loan is EUR 24,300 for investments and up to EUR 7,200 for current assets.

The loan has a fixed annual interest rate of 5% to 8%.

The loan repayment period is 5 years.

To guarantee the loan the business owner has to invest at least 10% in projects whose total amount exceeds EUR 7,200.

A private guarantee provided by the business owner, is necessary to receive a loan.

In order to apply for these loan, contact ALTUM (state-owned development finance institution).