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Support programme: Business Incubators (in Latvian, Biznesa inkubatori)

Typical profile of support recipient: has a business idea which needs to be refined and, possibly, backed up with a business plan. Usually this person is looking for mentorship from successful business people and guidance on how to test the business idea.

Since October 2016, 15 business incubators were set up by LIAA in various cities of Latvia – have a look at the interactive map and find the closest to you! The main goal of the incubators is to help develop new viable and competitive business ideas. The incubators provide a holistic support mechanism: consultations, mentorship, guidance and co-financing.

Upon coming to the incubators, all entrepreneurs are divided into two groups depending on their business readiness levels:

  1. Pre-incubation period – maximum 6 months of support

The respective support includes:

  • Evaluation of initial business idea
  • Consultations for enhancing business model
  • Development of business skills
  • Access to open office and office equipment
  • Initial pre-incubation support is EUR 2,000

     2. Incubation period – maximum 4 years of support

The respective support includes:

  • All support which is given under pre-incubation period
  • Development of individual tailor-made set of goals
  • Possibility to apply and receive mentorship
  • Possibility to apply and receive a grant which will cover 50% of the following costs:
    • Various services (testing, prototyping, market research, consultations with industry experts, etc) – up to EUR 10,000 support
    • Purchase of materials/equipment – up to EUR 5,000 support
  • Initial incubation support is EUR 50,000

To know more about the programme, please reach out to: