Access to Suppliers and Resources

Successful business of any kind requires integration into a flexible and reliable supply chain, with partners who are able to make their own products and services available at economic levels of cost, quality and speed. Investors in Latvia can take advantage of a number of opportunities to find and work with domestic suppliers, enabling successful workflow and production.

Identifying appropriate suppliers

  • Online database: LIAA’s Exim database  provides a free, fully-searchable online database of domestic suppliers of products and services available in a full range of industries. LIAA can help you run searches according to your specific needs.
  • Facility visits: To see the production facilities of potential domestic suppliers, LIAA can set up meetings and site visits between you and facilities across the country

Joint-venture and M&A opportunities

If you are looking for a local joint-venture partner or prospects for buying out a domestic company, LIAA provides a free matchmaking service, bringing together investors with potential deals.

Access to infrastructure

All infrastructure needs for business are readily served in Latvia, including telecommunications, transportation and logistics, real estate, utilities (gas, electricity, heating, etc.), water and waste disposal. Infrastructure services are provided by both private and state-owned companies.

Natural resources

In addition to companies that can serve your production needs, Latvia also offers a range of natural resources, utilized for various products, including: wood (in various forms), water, agricultural soil and peat, and valuable construction materials such as limestone, dolomite, gypsum, high-quality clay, gravel and sand.