Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies | Life Science

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Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) is one of the leading higher education institutions in the Baltic States that has provided education and carried out research for 155 years in areas which are significant for each country’s economy. It has been formed as an agricultural academy, which trained specialists to work in the rural areas of Latvia. But just like the structure of the economy has changed, the essence of the university has changed as well. Since 1863 the university has evolved and now it provides study programmes not only in agriculture and biosciences, but also in engineering and social sciences. The University’s greatest strength and potential lies in the coexistence of all these directions. Since 2018 it has been renamed to Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

LLU is offering higher education since 1863 and by this time is has educated specialists for five generations. The high quality of the study and academic environment is proved by the appreciation of the employers of Latvia as well as the 2nd place in Latvia by the number of patents. Nowadays LLU has become the intersection between science, innovation, research, technology and business, and it is a place, where each student acquires education with added value — knowledge, skills and competence that makes him or her not only a good professional, but also a better person.