Baltic Bioethanol to invest 150 million euro in Bauska

Baltic Bioethanol, an advanced biofuel developer, is planning to build a factory in the industrial park of Bauska, a city in Latvia. Based in the neighbourhing country of Estonia, the company plans to invest EUR 150 milion in the new Bauska factory and create at least 50 new workplaces. The company will utilize the factory to produce bioethanol of the second generation and will be using biomass, in this case local cereal straw bought from farmers, in the production of the product.

In September, Baltic Bioethanol began to sign long-term contracts with Latvian farmers in order to line everything up for the launch of the bioethanol plant. The company plans to conclude long-term contract signing process with Latvian farmers by the end of 2018 and, the estimated completion time for the plant within 20 months.

Baltic Biotehanol chose to build the new plant in Latvia and Bauska based on the availability of straw in the region, the location and the support from the Bauska County Council and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). The company has been also consulting with and working with the Cooperative Society of Agricultural Services “LATRAPS” and Farmers Saeima in order to ensure the company has a long-term sustainable supply of raw materials for the industrial production.

The launch of the bioethanol production facility will also enable the universities and scientists in Latvia to study the development of production technologies of second-generation bioethanol and its by-products, such as lingin, vinase. The successful implementation of the project will contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Baltic Bioethanol plans to export 100% of its production and its products. The product, advanced bioethanol would replace fossil fuels in traffic use, reduce carbon emissions and support local energy production.