Business Forum “Discover New Business Opportunities. Discover Latvia.”

As Latvia’s centennial celebratory events are taking place across Latvia’s capital Riga and in other parts of the country, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) held a business forum “Discover New Business Opportunities. Discover Latvia.’’ Dedicated to Latvia's centenary, the Forum, held on June 21-22, brought together Latvian and foreign businessmen to discuss the global trends and opportunities they provide. The two-day gathering was also an opportunity to establish business contacts and develop cooperation, highlighting Latvia as a place with significant international cooperation potential in various sectors of the economy.

People’s lives, societies, businesses and countries are being transformed through the application of truly transformational technologies forcing everyone to rethink every aspect of life on the planet. The central topic of the two-day forum was just that: global trends and opportunities that they bring today, on the hundredth year of Latvia`s statehood. With hundred years of Latvian history in hindsight, the Forum explored the opportunities today and visions for the future by evaluating global changes that affect peoples’ lives and progress.

The conference participants had the opportunity to listen to the speeches of foreign experts and discussions of significant Latvian representatives, to participate in the master classes and to meet other participants of the forum in order to establish new business contacts. With over 55% of attendees from abroad, the conference was a truly international gathering. In addition to the leaders of innovative and successful Latvian companies sharing about their business journeys and visions for the future, the high caliber lineup of speakers also included an investor from China who shared about digital advancements in China and a human resource strategist who shared about the role that the young talent plays in today’s global market.

Photos and videos of the sessions and interviews with experts are available at the event website In addition to the Forum materials, the website also offers a wealth of useful and interesting information about the history, culture, sports and traditions of Latvia.