Business trips during emergency situation

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Order No. 103 on the declaration of a state of emergency, the Minister of Transport may make exceptions by granting authorizations to carry out international passenger transport during an emergency situation when international passenger transport through airports, ports, buses and rail transport is canceled. The Minister of Transport makes decisions for each trip separately after receiving the relevant request, so it is important to understand how necessary they are.

Important! Private trips will not be confirmed!

Those entrepreneurs who need labor migration, please fill in the questionnaire:


After processing the information about the companies' planned business trips, the information will be passed on to the carriers.

When possible, international passenger transport will be organized to countries that have allowed the flow of passengers depending on demand.

Information on permitted international commercial passenger flights:

Important! After arrival in Latvia, everyone must observe 14-day self-isolation. Information about hotels in Latvia, which offer to provide customers self-isolation options, if such service is needed - Hotels in Latvia for self-isolation.

Additional information is available at the LIAA Export Promotion Department by calling 67039409 or writing to