Companies celebrate Latvia’s centenary with special products and wrapping designs

To mark Latvia’s centenary this year, many companies have developed special products or packaging of their products to reflect the celebratory event. The Food and Drug Administration of Latvia has integrated the official logo "Latvijai 100" (Latvia 100) into packages for products dedicated to the centenary of Latvia, by which consumers can easily recognize that this is a special product developed specificially for Latvia’s 100th birthday.

The dairy company Food Union has produced two such products for the sweetthooth – a special combination of flavor of ice cream Ekselence and special packaging for the company’s traditional Kārums cottage cheese which is known and loved among big and small customers alike. The classic vanilla cottage cheese Kārums, glazed in chocolate and packaged in a special centennial wrapping, has been on the market since last fall. Keeping its traditional bright orange color, the wrapping has blue lettering on white background with hearts that reads “I am Latvia” and ‘’We love Latvia!”. The product is available for purchase not only in Latvia, but also in Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden, spreading the word about Latvia’s centennial celebration abroad. Food Union plans to manufacture 30 million Kārums cheeses with the centennial packaging, and the product will be available only for a limited time. Food Union produced a new flavor and mixture of Ekselence ice cream espeically for the centennial. The new ice cream is available only to the local Latvia’s market and is produced as a more limited edition of the product. The company estimates that people in Latvia will eat approximately 50 tons of Ekselence ice cream.

Grill manufacturing company Metalworks produces grills with the logo of the centennial (Latvia 100) adding the design of the ancient Latvian signs. The founder of the company came up with the idea after a friend asked him to custom design a grill celebrating the centennial. He began selling the new grill models at the beginning of the summer, and by mid-summer, the company’s grills have found their way to homes of Latvian all the way in U.S. and Norway.

In preparation for the centennial, the grain manufacturer Rīgas Dzirnavnieks created a special type of superior oatmeal that weathers well the cold climate of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The company began the process four years ago, and it was a part of the educational program to interest local farmers to create new high quality grain. If continued on this track, the Director of Rīgas Dzirnavnieks Anita Skudra believes that Latvia’s farmers can gain good reputation as a force to contend with among the world oatmeal producers, similar to the good reputation it now has among wheat producers.

Linda Pavļuta, the Head of Office Latvia 100 at the Ministry of Culture of Latvia noted that many companies use the opportunity to use Latvia’s 100 anniversary logo. Additionally, it is estimated that the centenary will be celebrated with 1000 different events not only in Latvia but also in 70 other countries of the world. As a part of the celebration, during the first week in July, Latvia’s capital city Riga hosted Songn and Dance Festival, which gathered over 40 thousand participants and spanned over a week with concerts and other types of performances.

Source: Dienas Bizness