German investors rank the Baltics as the best place for investment in Central and Eastern Europe

German businesses consider the Baltic countries the best place for investment in comparison to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, according to a survey conducted by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in 2017. Latvia ranked higher than the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. In comparison to the past few years, the optimism of German investors concerning investment and business development plans for the Baltics has not decreased. Additionally, the projections for Latvian companies with German capital are favorable for this year and next. The German investor outlook on turnover and export projections are especially favorable. 48% enterpreneurs in Latvia believe that the demand for new staff will increase. 44% of respondents in Latvia said they were planning to increase their investments, up from 35% in 2016 and 31% in 2015. In 2016, the proportion of foreign direct investment by German companies in Latvia was at 4.33%.

The opinion of the German respondents about transparency in public procurement, employees' productivity and motivation, quality and availability of local supplies in Latvia has become even more favorable in comparison to the previous year. Additionally, the vocational education in all three Baltic countries is believed to be better than in Central and Eastern Europe.

The annual survey conducted by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce is part of an international survey and was carried out in 16 Central and Eastern European countries.

Source: The Baltic Course