Glass fiber fabric developed by a Latvian company used in fifth tallest buildling in the world

The fabric of glass fiber produced by Valmieras Stikla Skiedra, a Latvian company, is used in the South Korea’s capital Seoul's tallest building skyskraper Lotte World Tower, which is also the fifth tallest building in the world. The fabric is used as a fireproof smoke and fire curtain or a fireproof barrier, which is an effective protector in emergency situations when fire originates and spreads inside buildings.

"Participation in the Lotte World Tower project is the result of several years of work. This was achieved in close cooperation with our partner in South Korea, which covers our high-silicon glass fiber fabric with a fireproof polyurethane coat. The fabric, thus, serves as a fireproof barrier that can be used to divide individual rooms and even floors, protecting people from flames and smoke and providing help to rescue workers. The fabric is sewn to a pre-ordered size and shape, attached to a motorized system and built into the ceiling. When the fire alarm is activated, the fabric barrier lowers to the floor. Every barrier also includes an exit to allow people to escape from the danger zone, "says Oto Grīnbergs, Head of Valmieras stikla šķiedra regional selling manager.

"The architects of the new building had planned to use specific type of fireproof curtain construction. They had very specific requirements that were explained to all the competing companies with offers. In 2012, when the building was at its initial phase, South Korea market had a number of technical solutions, some of them three times the price that Valmieras Stikla Skiedra was asking. The resistance indicators of our fabric at high temperatures and the amount of fabric left were the key reasons for the architects to choose Valmieras Stikla skiedra,” adds Jānis Ķikuts, Head of Product Group.

At 555 meters, the gigantic, vertical skyscraper has 123 floors. Lotte World Tower is primarily designed for leasing to various companies and corporations. For leasure, the high-rise building has an extensive shopping mall, a six-star Signiel Hotel with a restaurant that has won three Michelin stars, and a viewing platform in the tower that is over 500 meters high, with a wonderful panoramic view of Seoul. It is estimated that the construction costs of the tower were about 3.5 billion dollars.