Join Creative Business Cup 2017

“Creative Business Cup” is a global network for innovative business connecting startups, industry experts, investors, businesses and the global market. Each year 100 National Partners around the world host national “Creative Business Cup” competitions. Each November during Global Entrepreneurship Week, National winners from around the world compete against each other at international finals in Copenhagen.

The National competition in Latvia is organised by LIAA Creative Industries Incubator in cooperation with The New Entrepreneurs Centre “Jobs&Society”

The term creative industries refer to a range of economic activities, which are dealing with generation, or exploitation of knowledge and information. They comprise those businesses that deal with creation, production and/or distribution of creative goods and services as well as with integration of creative elements into wider processes and other sectors. The common element is that they deal with: Creation, production and/or distribution of goods and services that are strongly based on creativity. 

Successful candidates will need to uphold the following rules and criteria in order to compete in the competition:
a) The core asset of the business must be based on creative competencies: Aesthetics, design, senses, interaction, art, visuals, gaming, media, performance, musicality in it’s broader sense, or other creative competencies which must be one of the central components of their success.

b) The startup is utilizing creative skills in the actual production of a creative industries product / service or in the development of a product or service for/in collaboration with other industries.

c) The startup must be commercial. Their concepts must have market potential.

d) The amount of external capital invested in the participating company may not exceed 1 million USD and the creative startup must own the rights to the idea with which they are entering the competition. 

What do you get?

  • The opportunity to join an international network and gain market access
  • Improved access to finance through investor readiness initiatives
  • Global networking with startups, investors, companies and governments
  • Feedback from other startups, investors and industry experts
  • Chance to represent your country as national winner at the global finals
  • Chance to win cash money and special prizes at the global finals (First place wins 15,000 euro)

Time frame of the competition

  • Apply until July 31st
  • Top 20 enterprises will receive an invitation to the next round by August 7th 
  • Top 20 enterprises pitch before the jury on August 16th, where top 5 ideas will be chosen
  • August 21–22nd  masterclass on presentation skills
  • August 26th  Top 5 ideas pitch where Top 3 winners will be chosen

Apply here until July 31st 2017 and represent Latvia in the global finals!

For more information:
LIAA creative industries incubator
Elizabetes street 45/47, Rīga, LV-1050
Phone: 6240 1220