Latvia is one of 19 countries to manufacture bioreactors

There are 19 countries in the world producing bioreactors, and Latvia is one of them. The bioreactors designed and manufactured by Biotech Center (Biotehniskais centrs) are purchased and used in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East. Most recently, the Center delivered the product to Iran, and the United Arab Emirates has put in an order as well. The Biotech Center also created the world's largest bioreactor with magnetic drive.

A bioreactor can be compared to special greenhouses where all the necessary conditions for development of microorganisms, such as bacteria or algae, have been met. They apply to the production of food, pharmaceutics and many other fields. One of Biotech Center’s clients is using bioreactors in mining.

The Biotech Center was created in 1996, employing three people. Since then, it has grown and now employs 16 highly skilled workers. Initially, the company offered services to automate and produce in parallel laboratory reactors, but although it still runs the process control projects in different fields by using the automation hardware and software products of different companies, the main direction of activity for the Center is manufacture of bioreactors. The Center engineers created the first pilot reactor around 2002. The Center owns three patents. One of them is issued for a special bioreactor with magnetic drive, which is the largest bioreactor in the world that uses a magnetic drive.

Center’s bioreactors meet up-to-date requirements and include innovative solutions. Model based  control of fed-batch fermentations, as well as the novel magnetic drive are as an examples. The Center tests new bioreactor solutions in its fermentations laboratory. The bioreactors have been designed in such a way to be easily supplemented and adapted to various applications. The Center has created laboratory bioreactors for cultivation of bacteria, mammalian cells and microalgae, using a common platform. The Center creates pilot scale bioreactors made of components (vessel, technological stand, control cabinet). The Center not only delivers autonomous bioreactors, but also creates complex bioreactor lines for an industrial production process. The Biotech Center has created production facilities of up to 10 bioreactors, and volume up to 15 m3. It should be noted that all the bioreactors are equipped with novel magnetic coupling mixers.