Latvia launches first AI news anchor

Latvian company Tilde launched Europe’s first artificial intelligence (AI) news anchor. The tool is a result of a collaboration between Latvian technology language company Tilde and one of Latvia’s biggest digital news company DELFI. The launching of the new AI news anchor signals Latvia’s ability to pioneer innovative products in the field of AI.

Improving over the years, the new AI news anchor is a female called Laura and the news anchor is able to read news in Latvian language. The voice for Laura was created using voice patterns of a popular Latvian female news anchor and utilized the latest deep machine learning techniques. The project involved identifying the patterns, structure and voice intonations of the popular news anchor from processing voice recordings. The key to creating Laura was to mimic the natural flow of the language, with its intonations, pauses and rhythm.

Latvia is joining the race of AI news anchors, following only three months after the world’s first AI news anchor was revealed by China. Laura is the first AI news anchor in Europe. The launching of AI news anchors is revolutionizing how media outlets create and deliver news. Project’s next phase will open opportunities for interactive exchanges with the AI news anchor and the content Laura shares will be tailored to specific interests of each user.

Latvian technology language company Tilde has been at the forefront of AI advances and translation machines and techniques. The company was the winner of World Machine Translation 2018 award. Headquartered in Riga, it is one of the leading technology companies in the Baltics, translating technologies into local languages, coordinating compliance with local laws and adjusting it to local cultures.