Latvia peforms the world’s first human flight with a drone and jump at high altitude

The honor of the world’s first human flight with a drone and jump at high altitude goes to Latvia as the stunt was performed on May 12. A 28-propeller drone built by Aerones lifted skydiver Ingus Augstkalns at a height of 330 metres, from where he accomplished the planned jump and landing with the parachute.

The successful achievement shows the reliability and lifting-ability of the drone technology that shows the potential unlimited possibilities for its use in saving people, fire-fighting, sports and entertainment.

The author of the idea and skydiver Augstkalns said, “Emotions are fantastic. Both feeling how easily and quickly the drone lifted me, and because Latvia proves itself in innovations of technology. It is obvious that we will experience an increasingly important use of drone in our everyday life. Definitely also my friends skydivers all over the world will be excited about these new opportunities. We live in an exciting time.”

Jānis Putrāms, a chief engineer of Aerones and a pilot of the drone, commented: “Already in the near future, our technology will save human lives, will help to fight fires and carry out other challenging and significant work. With this project, we show that we are ready for serious tasks in the field of civil defence and sports.”

The jump was accomplished in Māļi, rural area of Amata, Latvia, in cooperation with Latvian State Radio and Television Centre, which gave permission to use its 120 meter high communications tower as a platform for the jump. Preparations for the jump lasted six months and numerous test jumps were performed, including over the river Daugava.

Aerones is a Latvian drone manufacturer focusing on the development of drones with high lifting power.

Source: Aerones