Latvia is the second greenest country in European Union

Latvia is the second greenest country in European Union, according to NimbleFins, a company analyzing the environment and the greenery of European Union countries to rank them.

Latvia received the high ranking largely due to an abundance of natural resources, including freshwater and forests, as well as for producing a relatively low amount of greenhouse gases per capita – only 6 tons per capita. Additionally, the country has the second lowest consumption of nonrenewable energy in the group with only 1.4 tons of oil equivalent per capita.

To determine which EU countries are the greenest, NimbleFins analyzed the most recently-available environmental data from Eurostat, the European Environmental Agency and the World Health Organization. Both natural environment and human impact was evaluated as countries were analyzed and ranked. The evaluation covered metrics related to air quality, freshwater, greenhouse gases, waste, energy and forests for the 28 European nations.

The best European countries for environmental sustainability are good at limiting landfill, recycling waste, consuming less energy, using a higher proportion of renewable energy and having clean air. Additionally, they have a substantial proportion of forests and ample renewable freshwater. The top spot as the greenest country in European Union was taken by Sweden, while the rest of European Union countries ranked lower than Latvia.