Latvian children’s bicycle design receives a world-class design and innovation award

Children's bicycle “leg&go” created by Shaman Inventions, located in the North-East part of Latvia, has been recognized as the most innovative and state-of-the-art bicycle in “Design & Innovation Award 2019”, the leading design & innovation award for the cycling industry. "Leg&go" has been recognized by an international jury, and among the other contestants in its category, it stood out for its high quality, unique functionality and sustainable design.

 “Leg&go” is a wood material bicycle that can be transformed into eight different modes, which ensures sustainability, unique design and quality which is especially important for parents. The multifunctional bicycle was rated at the top of the “Urban Bicycles” category. The jury's team consisted of international journalists, industry experts and professional test riders who tested the bike in real-life situations and gave their rating.

The first transformable wooden bike of its kind in the world, it is a modern and durable transportation mode for children six months to six years old. The bike comes with additional parts that can be used to construct and transform the bike to children of different ages. By adjusting the bike, it can be changed to accommodate the size and the needs of the child of he grows.

The bike was created by an engineer from Latvia. It can be transfomred into a three-wheel bike, pedal bike, riding elephant or a snow scooter, thus, enabling the tranformation of the bike into a variety of transportation modes to accommodate the child’s needs as he grows for the length of more than five years. Environment friendly, as its created from birch tree, parents would not need to purchase new bikes for their children but can continue using and transforming the same bicycle.

“Design & Innovation Award” was first organized in 2013 and has since become one of the most prestigious awards in the bicycle industry. It is the only contest where an international team of experienced riders, designers and engineers discuss, test and evaluate the latest industry products.