Latvian company produces the fastest ultra ultraweight aircraft

‘’Be fast or be the last’’ is the motto of Pelegrin, a Latvian aircraft manufacturing company in Ādaži, on the outskirts of Riga. Founded in 2010 by avid aviation enthusiasts with a dream and determination, the company launched its first aircraft Millenium Master in just under 10 months. Painted in bright red color with black stripes, the two-seat aircraft has an economic fuel usage at 15 liters/100 kilometers. At the time, it was the fastest ultra lightweight aircraft (under 472.5 kilograms) in Europe.

Tarragon, the company’s current flagship aircraft, was created in 2012 when the Pelegrin team expanded. Tarragon is lighter, faster and more aerodynamic than the previous model. It is made out of material that is highly durable, temperature resistant, rigid and lightweight. At its maximum cruising speed, Tarragon can reach up to 310 kilometers per hour, making it the fastest ultralight aircraft. The plane comes in both analogue and digital dashboard. Fuel efficient, the plane can be in the air for up to five hours without the need to refuel. Used for recreation, Pelegrin exports the planes to Norway, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

See Tarragon in air