Latvian data visualization company Infogram acquired by Prezi

The leading Latvian data visualization web-based company Infogram has been acquired by another data visualization giant Prezi. Based in Latvia and founded in 2012, Infogram specializes in charts and infographics for customers who need to quickly and effectively convey complex ideas. The company has grown in popularity and emerged as an innovator in the area of data visualization. Infogram offers its users options to create a variety of charts, maps, and infographics by simply uploading a file, connecting to various cloud services, or taking advantage of Infogram's API. At the time of the announcement, Infogram had over three million users, who had created over five million charts and infographics that have been viewed over 1.5 billion times. Infogram has been adopted by a wide variety of customers, including media companies, key businesses, and educational institutions.

As for the future plans, Infogram will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Prezi and will remain in Latvia. Prezi will continue to invest in research and development of Infogram and will create a Data Visualization Center of Excellence in Latvia. Infogram also has another office in San Francisco. Founded in 2009, and with offices in San Francisco, Budapest, and Mexico City, Prezi has a community of over 85 million users and over 325 million Prezi presentations around the world.

Source: Prezi