Latvian machine translation company Tilde wins top translation competition

The latest machine translator developed by the Latvian company Tilde won the international machine translation competition at the Conference on Machine Translation (WMT2018) and was recognized as the best Estonian-English machine translation, according to the translation company Tilde. Tilde’s machine translator surpassed in the competition such technology giants as Google, Microsoft and Yandex public solutions.

The organizers of the WMT2018 conference annually announce machine translation competitions for different languages. This year's competition also included the translation of news from Estonian into English and from English into Estonian. For four months, research and development centers around the world were developing the latest and most effective systems for fulfilling the specific translation task.

Language specialists compared the results of different machine translations and determined Tilde's Estonian machine translation was the best among them. Tilde’s translation was also compared with the performance of professional translators using automatic comparison methods. The results showed that Tilde's automated translation could produce translations that correspond to human translation by 64.9%, while Google's did only 52.1%. For the machine translation system, this is a very high score, because 100% compliance is not possible – even the best human translators translate the same text slightly differently.

Tilde participated in the competition with its latest machine translation solution which is based on neurontranslation – artificial intelligence technology. It was developed by the company's Computer Linguistics Research Group, which employs eight doctorates and collaborates with major language research centers in the world: the German Artificial Intelligence Research Center (DFKI), the University of Edinburgh, the University of Prague Charles University and others. Tilde has also established close cooperation with researchers from the University of Latvia.

The company's new technology has provided international success for the second year in a row. Last year at WMT2017, the Tildes machine translation won the prize of the highest-quality English-Latvian translation. The winning translation tool is already available to every resident of Latvia in the Tildes Office program. Tilde’s specialized machine translation solutions are used by companies and institutions in different European countries, for example, for the needs of the Estonian, Bulgarian and Austrian Presidencies in the Council of the European Union.