Latvian start-up Giraffe360 raises one million euro investment funding

Latvian start-up company Giraffe360 has raised one million euro investment to develop its product and expand its export market. The company’s product is a camera and programming technology for scanning environment.

Giraffe360 has created unique technology that allows real estate companies and other companies working in the field of architecture to streamline high quality floor plan creation and make life-like presentations with a single touch of a button.

Giraffe360 developed the first prototype in 2016, but featuring a resolution of 270 megapixels, the latest version of the product is one of the highest quality environment scanning technologies in the world. In a very short while, the company has managed to gain a strong customer base in seven European countries, including the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Malta and Switzerland. Among its customers are the regional leading real estate companies such as RE / MAX, John Taylors and City24.

The one million investment the company has secured will be used to develop the newest generation Giraffe360 technology and to continue expanding in Europe. Technology solutions for real estate sector has been a field that is evolving and developing rapidly worldwide.