LU’s Innovation Center and Microsoft celebrates one-year anniversary

In September, the Innovation Center of the University of Latvia and Microsoft (LUMIC) celebrated its one year anniversary. In the year since its launch, LUMIC has facilitated the creation of various projects that bring together scientists and IT experts from Latvia and abroad.

“Technological literacy is the base of Latvia’s future competitiveness. Enhancing young people’s digital skills and their use in various projects is also the University of Latvia’s priority. LUMIC provides the opportunity to enhance one’s technological abilities in projects, research and studies,” said University of Latvia provost Indrikis Muiznieks.

LUMIC is a place which brings together entrepreneurs, startups, students, IT professionals and scientists in order to collectively generate new ideas grounded in data and artificial intelligence. The Center was founded in 2017 with the goal to promote cooperation between IT industry bodies, NGOs and bodies dedicated to research and science to promote IT solutions and digital transformations in Latvia. The Innovation Centre undertakes two main directions – the implementation of innovative interdisciplinary IT projects with the focus on cloud computing technologies, IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence solutions, and the popularization of IT education and support for preparing new specialists.

LUMIC is the only Microsoft innovation center in the Baltics. Since its founding through the fostering and development of a variety of partnership networks, the Innovation Center has become the local innovation platform and entrepreneurship center. One of the projects, for example, that the University of Latvia researchers and Microsoft Research scientists have teamped up together is “Data Lake Creation for Timely Lung Cancer Prognosis”. The pilot project will create a pool of genome and health data that will be used to create an infrastructure of data that will be tested for lung cancer prevention research.

LUMIC offers opportunities for anyone interested in innovation and technologies to work together and develop new ideas, to contribute to the ICT market development and the economy of Latvia. That includes generating new inter-disciplinary partnership, new solutions, services and investment opportunities in a variety of sectors, including AI and data analytics.