Mathematician and quantum physicist Andris Ambainis voted European of the Year in Latvia

Latvian computer scientist and quantum computing physicist Andris Ambainis has been awareded the prestigious title European of the Year in Latvia. The participants of the popular vote described Ambainis as an inspiring and prominent scientist, pointing out that he exemplifies how Latvia and the European Union can be promoted in the world through scientific achievements. The second and third place in the vote went to the co-owner of routers and wireless ISP systems company Mikrotikls Arnis Riekstiņš and the Minister for Culture of Latvia Dace Melbarde respectively.

Currently, Ambainis is a professor at the University of Latvia where he teaches computing. In 2013, Ambainis was the recipient of the prestigious Advanced Grant, awarded by the European Research Council for multiple years in the amount of 1.3 million euro to study quantum algorithms and complexity. Ambainis directs the project at the University of Latvia. Ambainis scientific career includes working at University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, University of California, Berkeley, U.S., as well as the world renown Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, U.S.

The title of the European of the Year in Latvia is awarded to the person whose professional achievements have made the most significant contribution to strengthening the links between Latvia and the rest of Europe, to raising Latvia's profile in Europe and integrating European values in Latvia.

Source: Leta, University of Latvia