Online catalogue "Best of Latvia" available in English


To promote products made in Latvia the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) has issued an online catalogue containing wide range of local products. With a total of more than 160 items, the catalogue is now available in English.

The online catalogue includes various categories – from furniture and educational activities for children, textiles, interior accessories, furniture to best local produce and drinks, cosmetics, clothes and products for pets. There are also sections that comprise items for business, recreation and leisure.

Previously issued in Latvian, the catalogue has been translated into English to introduce Latvian products to a wider audience. “Our foreign representative offices, as well as Latvians living abroad will help introducing the world with the catalogue. We see it as a great opportunity for small and middle-sized companies having no export strategy but willing to address potential customers,” says LIAA Director General Kaspars Rožkalns.

Several local celebrities have already picked their favourites. The choice of Chef Ēriks Dreibants is Mottra Caviar, Kalva Coffee and Rāmkalni production. The editor in Chief at L'Officiel Baltic Līga Zemture was happy to discover many design companies that show distinguished quality and can boost beautiful presentation. “From the more widely known products I choose An&Angel dishware but I also find the design of Evija Ceramics stunning, and was impressed by the visually appealing Midimini kids’ play kitchens, Si Light lamps and Kantari furniture,” says Līga Zemture.

As new products are being added, it is worth having a look at the catalogue on a regular basis:

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