Riga Airport Becomes the Fourth Official ACI Training Centre in Europe

An agreement granting Riga International Airport Training Centre representation rights of the ACI official training centre was signed at Airports Council International (ACI) General Assembly in Paris on 14 June. Now Riga International Airport has become one of the four official ACI training centres in Europe.

Riga International Airport Training Centre has already been used as a popular venue for international courses. With the aquiring of the status of an official training centre, the demand for training at the Centre will increase. Additionally, Riga Airport will be entitled to participate in the elaboration of training agenda, improving its content and offering new directions.

"Granting of the status of an official ACI Training Centre is the highest professional appraisal, acknowledging the qualifications of Riga Airport Training Centre and its ability to host high-quality international training. In the strictly regulated and constantly developing aviation sector, organisation of such top-level training is not only a matter of prestige, but also a great responsibility," says Ilona Līce, Chairperson of the Board of Riga International Airport.

ACI is an international organisation that unites airports around the world. Founded in 1991, the Council represents the interests of airports, develops and improves airport operational standards, policies and recommended practices, and provides training to aviation professionals in order to raise airport operational quality and safety.

ACI Global Training is the world's leading aviation training provider, offering top-level accredited training programmes on airport management, operational management and safety matters. Aviation industry professionals from all around the world improve their knowledge and skills at ACI training centres to keep up with the latest European and international standards.

Riga International Airport is the largest air traffic hub in the Baltics. The 20 airlines operating at Riga Airport offer more than 60 destinations in the winter season and almost 90 in the summer season. In 2016, Riga Airport handled over 5.4 million passengers – nearly 45% of the entire Baltic air passenger traffic.

Source: Riga International Airport