Riga ranked as 10th greenest city in the world

Latvia’s capital city Riga has been named the world’s 10th greenest city, according to the latest Green Cities Index by TravelBird portal. According to the index, green areas makes up 113.04 square meters per person in Riga. Iceland’s capital Reykjavik has been named the world’s greenest city with 410.84 square meters of green area per person, followed by Oakland in New Zealand (357.2 square meters), Bratislava (332.99 square meters), Goteborg (313.87 square meters), Sidney (235.73 square meters), Prague (220.54 square meters), Hamburg (189.7 square meters), Rome (166.47 square meters) and Bern (131.73 square meters). The Estonian capital Tallinn has placed 15th with 96.1 square meters of green area per person, and the Japanese capital Tokyo is at the bottom of the list with just 4.03 square meters of green area per person.

TravelBird researched the largest OECD member countries and selected 50 countries as the major destination cities for travelers. When looking at areas within the city, TravelBird divided the areas into three main categories of green zones – natural, human-made and areas used for green-food production. In these three categories, different types of green areas were evaluated – forests, nature reserves, parks, public gardens, grasslands, golf courses, orchards, vineyards and agricultural land. Riga ranked the highest on the ranking for forest areas – in the fifth position. Forests in Riga make up 85.6 square meters per person. The first place with 288.89 square meters went to Auckland.