Tele2 shared service center expands and inaugurates a new office building

On June 8, 2016, IT company Tele2 Shared Service Center (Tele2 SSC) inaugurated a new office building at 42 Mukusalas Street in Riga. A company of the Swedish Tele2AB group, Tele2 SSC provides information technology, telecommunications and financial management support functions. Since establishing itself in Latvia in 2004, over the years Tele2 SSC has grown to 500 staff members, and it plans to hire 100 more people by the end of 2016.

In 2015, Tele2 SSC turnover increased by 29.2%, making it the fastest growing IT software developer and IT service provider in Latvia. Tele2 SSC extended the range of its functions in 2015 and took over the financial management of Tele2 AB group. The company provides IT&T and financial services to all Tele2 AB group companies in nine countries – Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. “Provision of new services is an important step in the expansion process of the company that results in the increase of the number of staff members and the improvement of their skills,” explains the head of Tele2 SSC Kim Leandersson.

Tele2 AB group Executive Vice-President Niklas Sonkin points out: "In Latvia we are employing more than 2000 people, from which 550 are employees of Tele2 SSC. Moreover, we have half of the population in Latvia as our customers and in order to look after these customers in an efficient way, Tele2 Shared Service Center plays an important role. Since 2004 it has grown very rapidly to become a center of excellence with a lot of skilled individuals working with IT, financial services, customer operations and other fields."

The new office building is a part of Mukusala Business Centre – one of the largest business centres in Riga. The building is located in the historic territory of Carl Zeiss optics factory believed to be the first reinforced concrete construction in Latvia. It was designed by architects’ office “Outofbox Architecture” – its head Peteris Bajars is one of the most well-known young generation architects in Latvia. The new office building will house more than 200 employees.

A specific thematic colour was chosen for each floor of the office building representing one of six values of the company. Thirteen high-end conference rooms have been set up for productive performance and all of them were named by the employees of Tele2 SSC. For example, one of the floors of the office building houses such conference rooms as Starcraft, Civilization and Quake that were named after the favourite computer games of several Tele2 SSC employees. The new premises were set up to ensure comfort to the staff – ergonomic chairs and tables with adjustable height are available, and each floor houses a kitchen and a rest area.

Source: Tele2 Shared Service Center