Tele2 Shared Service Center’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative wins an award in CCE region

The Riga based Shared Service Center (SSC) of the Swedish ICT company Tele2 has won TOP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of the Year in Central & Eastern Europe (CCE) for its campaign “Girls Make IT Happen.” The winner was announced during the 6th Central Eastern Europe Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards in Warsaw on February 1.

Tele2 SSC campaign ‘’Girls Make IT Happen’’ has already gained a widespread popularity in Latvia and now is resonating also abroad. The goal of the project is to increase the employment rate of women in ICT sector and to even the gender gap in ICT. The primary target audience of the campaign are students and young professionals as well as families of the young professionals and students, and also teachers and professors. The long-term goals of the campaign is to increase the number of women in Tele 2 SSC in Latvia and to add more women to ICT sector.

To reach those goals Tele2 SSC carried out a variety of activities, including forming alliances and inspiring students and young professionals to choose ICT as their field of study and career path by sharing stories of successful individuals within the industry. A “Girls Make IT Happen” conference was held in Riga as part of the International ICT Day with inspiring well-known speakers participating. Additionally, a scholarship program with 100 scholarships was launched in cooperation with the educational initiative “Learn IT” to encourage girls at very early age to learn to code. A global movement ‘’An Hour of Code’’ was organized to make programming more accessible and to show that programming can be easily learned by anyone. During the campaign, national media outlets published employee success stories of women in the field, in addition to publications in girls magazines.

As the result of the initiative, Tele2 SSC estimates that the number of employees in the company has increased by 29%, and of those 42% are women. Given the success of the campaign and the recognition it has been receiving, the company plans to continue to implement the strategy and to even further decrease the gender gap in the ICT field.

Established in 2004, Tele2 SSC Riga is a Tele2 AB Group company. The Riga Center provides maintenance, testing, development of the telecommunications systems, customer management, accounting services, billing solutions and services to all Tele2 AB Group companies in eight countries – Croatia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Tele2 SSC Riga currently employs 650 people.

Twenty-five companies were distinguished for their excellence within the Shared Services and Outsourcing sector of Central Eastern Europe during the 6th annual CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards. More than 300 top executives from 67 Shared Services companies attended from 23 countries. The VIP Jury across the SSC/BPO sector  was assembled to represent CCE countries. In addition to companies competing, CCE cities also were compared across a number of categories. Riga was on the short list of finalists for Most Dynamically Developing City – Central & Eastern Europe.