Wasserkabel Baltic opens a factory in Ventspils

At the beginning of the summer, Wasserkabel Baltic opened a low temperature heating and cooling system components plant in Ventspils, the port city on the West coast of Latvia. The new plant is located in the Ventspils High Technology Park, which is one of Ventspils industrial territories. Wasserkabel Baltic is a joint venture between German and Chinese investors. The company will produce energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, health-friendly and durable heating and air-cooled systems. The operation of the system is based on the principle of thermal radiation and absorption using a high-quality polypropylene water capillary system, which is installed in ceilings, walls or floors. The system helps to save on building costs. In addition to high energy efficiency of the system (up to 80% possible economy of costs) as a special advantage it also provides heating and cooling as well as reducing air humidity within the system. In addition, the company will also offer polypropylene tubes for indoor work. The products are widely used in Western Europe and North America.

Wasserkabel Baltic has German origins and this is the first manufacturing plant in the Baltic states. The total production area of the new plant is approximately 1,400 square meters. Wasserkabel Baltic plans to create at least 15 new jobs by 2018 and has invested around 1.7 million euros in equipment purchases and working capital. The company will not only manufacture polypropylene capillary plates, their connections and heat exchangers, but also will train specialists, which will be able to install them in the new objects, as well as existing ones during renovations.