With exports to more than 90 countries, Dutch company Brabantia is Europe’s leading supplier of innovative household products, such as waste storage, food storage, food preparation, laundry care and hardware.

The company opened a production plant in Latvia in 2008, renovating a brownfield site and building an addition to it. Pleased with progress, in 2011 the company realised their expansion plans, renovated and extended a factory again. The main reasons for selecting Latvia included a strong tradition in metalworking, Latvia’s membership in the European Union (EU), availability of ports and a business-friendly environment. The company is realizing a number of benefits with its facility in Latvia, including the ability to react quickly to changes in EU customer demands, lower inventory, a talented workforce, low employee turnover, and high productivity that makes the production in Latvia competitive with Asian countries. By 2017, Brabantia Latvia was employing more than 120 people and had a turnover of 15 million euro.

The previous plant manager Georgijs Buklovskis says the factory in Latvia is one of Brabantia’s fastest growing factories in the world and attributes it to the management strategies as well as to place, people, technology and knowledge that is available in Latvia. Additionally, Marcel van de Velde, Brabantia’s Chief Operating Officer notes: “The support and the professional assistance from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia was one of the main reasons why Latvia was chosen as the right place to start a production plant.”