Bucher Municipal is a subsidiary of Bucher Group, a Swiss-based global manufacturer of economical, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment used for a variety of purposes, such as harvesting, producing and packaging healthy foods, keeping cities clean and roads safe, and hydraulic systems for high-performance machinery. With more than 12 000 employees, Bucher Group generated over 2.5 billion Euros in sales (2017).

In 2004, the company opened manufacturing plant in Latvia, where it manufactures vehicle components, as well as providing management of Bucher Eastern sourcing network. In following years, company has expanded multiple times constructing additional facilities and establishing new manufacturing lines brining the total number of employees to over 320.

Management of Bucher Municipal notes: “Availability of qualified welders and mechanics is one of the most essential requirements for us, and we have made investments in training employees, especially as we expand our operations here. Our decision in choosing Ventspils as our site was based on several considerations, including good overall entrepreneurial conditions; outstanding support from the Free Port of Ventspils Authority and the local municipality; lower levels of salaries compared to the Riga region; benefits from the free economic zone; a harbour with frequent ferry traffic to and from Germany; and proximity to the Russian market.”