DNB Bank ASA Latvijas filiāle

Bank DNB is the largest financial institution in Norway.

In October 2012, Bank DNB established a new service centre at DNB in Latvia, with the aim of providing a high level of service to the bank’s clients in Norway.

In evaluating of location for the project, Bank DNB looked at various factors such as practical banking operations, the relevant country’s macroeconomic situation, political stability, language skills, security aspects and accessibility. Following the review, Latvia was selected as the location for the new service centre. The Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) was involved and provided its full support.

Ellen Annette Nordli, former head of the Service Centre, explains: “I have been working for the project from the beginning, and I am pleased that the Latvian bank was judged to be the best alternative. The establishment of an operations unit in Latvia which will provide services to clients in Norway will strengthen our image as a powerful Norwegian company, and it will also represent an investment in Latvia’s economy. The Service Centre will create new jobs and attract new investments” she says.