Return on Intelligence / Exigen Services Latvia

Return on Intelligence (ROI) is a global technology services firm. The company provides technology consulting, systems integration and commercial software solutions focusing its services on customer centricity, data analytics, core systems transformation and the application of innovative and disruptive technologies. The solutions deliver top-line growth, competitive advantage, margin improvement and reduced complexity. Return on Intelligence is headquartered in the United States with sales and delivery offices in Europe, Asia and the United States.

In Latvia ROI is operating since 1995 with the name Exigen Services Latvia. Latvia was one of the first location where the international company Exigen Services choose to establish its subsidiary in Eastern Europe.  Exigen Services Latvia strength is custom software solutions providing strategically significant and integrated IT systems for the national government and for businesses in finance, IT, retail, telecommunication, transport and other sectors.

Exigen Services Latvia multi-skilled project teams have a reputation for professional competence, high-quality standards, and technological knowledge and successfully providing IT solutions for the national government and for businesses in finance, telecommunication, transport and other sectors.

ROI subsidiary in Latvia continues operating under the name Exigen Services Latvia after Exigen Services merged with the ROI company in 2013.

"One key benefit we had as an investor in the high technology sector in Latvia was obtaining a very professional resource pool that is experienced in both technology and customer management, while still relatively less expensive than either European or US-based software developers,” explains Greg Shenkman, Managing Partner of Exigen. “Also, the fact that the Latvian business infrastructure is very modern is a significant factor since travel, hospitality, and communications are very important in order to use the Latvian technical resources effectively. Finally, Latvia is an EU country and enjoys all the benefits of a European business environment, while still being a 'near-shore' location suitable for resource outsourcing. This is a significant factor for some of our customers, particularly in the finance sector."