Kaski is a family-owned company in Finland, specializing in manufacturing doors and windows. With nearly 40 years of experience in the niche wood product manufacturing, the Finnish company has production facilities in three cities in Finland – Ylikiiminki, Haapajärvi and Viitasaari. Company’s products have special high isolation features that ensure energy efficiency and makes buildings environmentaly friendly. The company employs a team of about 300 people in Finland, and its turnover in 2014 was 42 million Euro.

Kaski opened a door manufacturing facility, Kaskipuu Ltd., in Milzkalne, Latvia, in 2015, investing over three million euro and creating a team of 15 employees. In the European market, Kaskipuu Ltd. differs from its competitors with its tailor-made approach and high level of automatization during production process, ensuring the highest quality standards.