Marinetek Group is headquartered in Finland and has 56 distributors all over the world, delivering more than 2000 marina solutions in 40 countries. With revenue of 26 million Euros in 2011 and continuing to grow, it is the largest marina and pontoon manufacturer in Europe.

Marinetek has been operating in Latvia since 2005, beginning with manufacture of timber systems, mooring fingers and other marina components. In 2011, Marinetek opened a new and expanded factory in Latvia, adding heavy duty concrete floats to the company’s domestic production range and increasing its current production capacity.

“Our turnover will grow by 30 percent [in 2011], and we needed more production capacity in order to comfortably meet our delivery targets in Northern Europe,” said Ilkka Seppälä, CEO of Marinetek Corporation. “It made sense to set up a new production unit in Latvia, where we already have experienced and skilled personnel and a production system that functions well.”