Syntagon provides international clients in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries a complete solution for drug development. The company’s technical and regulatory expertise enables it to manage every stage in the development of molecular drug candidates, from lead optimization to phase II clinical trials.

Originally based in Sweden, Syntagon launched a contract research center in Latvia in 2005, employing 12 scientists in the site’s state-of-the-art facilities.

“Opening our facility in Latvia has enabled us to grow our capacity, to provide services to an average of 60-65 projects per year,” notes company CEO, Dr. Andis Slaitas. “The facility also allows us to provide our services more cost effectively to clients.”

In 2018 Ardena has acquired Syntagon to strengthens its drug substance service offering. The 30-strong Syntagon team also adds specialist expertise in GMP chromatographic purification processes to the Ardena group.