The chemical manufacturer Tanzor Group opened a new printing varnish production facility in the Daugmale region, located an hour from the capital city Riga, in April 2016. Along with the production of printing varnishes, the new company Baltink focuses on the development of modern ang high tech materials. Equipped with the latest modern technology available in the industry, the company’s research laboratory uses innovative technology and techniques to produce varnishes, offers more suitable technical solutions to clients and fulfills custom orders from clients requesting materials with specific unique requirements. To offer high quality products, including with low odor, which is in demand in the pharmeceutical and food packaging sectors, in its production of varnishes Baltink uses innovative components and recepies based on the extensive experience in the field of varnish producers from France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United States. Baltink has been developing  and has customers more than in 20 countries all over the world.

Esblished in 1994, Tanzor has been manufacturing a variety of inks, varnishes, primers, adhesives, food packaging printing kits and other press-room chemicals for over 20 years

A representative from Tanzor first contacted the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) when it began exploring locations for the new factory in 2013. Over the next two years, LIAA provided consultations and arranged a visit to Latvia in 2015. Tanzor chose to establish the new production facility and the innovative laboratory in Latvia based on the contry’s convenient geographic location, including the ports.