Sweden-based Taxi Kurir operates taxis for both personal and package transport and delivery throughout Scandinavia, using a network of direct subsidiaries and franchisees. The TaxiKurir brand is represented in 40 of Sweden's largest cities, as well as 10 areas through cooperative agreements. The company also has a significant presence in both Norway (as Norgestaxi AS), and Denmark (as Dantaxi DK), making it the largest pan-Scandinavian taxi organization with a total of 3300 vehicles and average annual revenue of 200 million Euros.

TaxiKurir established an internal call center in Riga in 2005, in order to expand operations cost effectively while ensuring speed of service execution. With over 50 employees, the call center responds to over 8000 calls per day, registering transportation service orders in Stockholm region. The staff is university educated and most speak Swedish, Latvian, Russian and English. Some of the staff also speaks German, Spanish or French, which makes it possible to receive customer requests with high demands for qualified personnel.

“Establishing the call center in Latvia has enabled the company to expand,” notes Guna Primane-Berzina, Callcenter Manager. “At the same time, it can take advantage of Latvia’s entrepreneurial culture and work ethic in raising quality and ensuring even better service for clients—answering increasing numbers of calls and reducing client queue time—during high call-volume periods for taxi services.”