Tieto Latvia SIA

Tieto Corporation is headquartered in Finland and operates in almost 20 countries. With turnover 1.5 billion Euros and employing about 14 000 experts, Tieto is the leading IT service company in Northern Europe, providing IT and product engineering services.

During the last decade and longer, Tieto has made several investments in Latvia. In 1998, Tieto acquired the company Konts, specialized in payment card processing software that has been transformed into one of Tieto’s key offerings for financial industry: a world-class, end-to-end solution called Card Suite that powers payment card business for many banks, financial institutions and third-party processors across the Europe, CIS and Africa. In 2005, Tieto acquired IT Alise, which at the time was the largest independent IT professional services company in Latvia, specialized in system management, development projects and consulting. Today, it is part of Tieto’s core team for IT consulting in Oracle, Microsoft technologies, enterprise resource planning software and software development services for customers in Northern Europe and the Baltics. In 2005 Tieto also established a shared services center in Latvia that serves Tieto Corp.’s enterprises, providing a wide range of financial management, invoice processing and human resources management services. Tieto Global Shares Service Center was one of the first such Service Centres in Latvia.

Elmārs Gengers, Tieto Latvia’s chairman of the board, notes: “Tieto Latvia currently employs more than 700 specialists and is one of the largest IT services companies in the Baltic States. Tieto looks for excellence, and Latvia has the dynamics and talent for being an attractive place for serving customers across Europe and developing world class software products.”