Winners of Export and Innovation Award 2008

Winners in the category „Best Exporter” (large/medium partnership group)

1st place - AS „Grindeks”

Grindeks maintains the leading positions in the pharmaceutical market of the Baltic States. Grindeks mainly does research, development, producing and sailing of original products, patent free and active pharmaceutical products.Enterprise offers more than 100 effective and safe medications – heart and cardiovascular, psychotropic, anti-cancer agents, CNS drugs, analgesic, cough and flu medications. Company is especially proud for its brand products Mildronate® and Ftorafur®.
Currently Grindeks products are being manufactured in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. Grindeks representative offices and agents are working in 13 countries– Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, Poland, Hungary and Check Republic. Company products are being exported to more than 40 countries all over the world.

Contact information: Krustpils iela 53, Rīga, LV 1057,


2nd place - AS „Rīgas Piena kombināts”

Rīgas piena kombināts was founded in 1927 and is the largest producer of dairy products in Latvia and one of the leading enterprises of the industry in the Baltic States.
Rīgas piena kombināts is stable, classical value guided enterprise that holds involvement in the creation of a healthy rising generation as its main mission. Goal of the enterprise is to be the industry leader in every chosen dairy product category in Latvia relying on the professionalism of the team, by developing strong brands as well as reaching for stable and profitable export of products to external markets.
Rīgas piena kombināts produces over 200 various milk products in modern and functional packaging.The products are only made of fresh and natural milk thus retaining important nutrients and vitamins.
In 2007 export turnover exceeded 22 millions EUR. Largest export markets are Russia, Finland, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Lithuania.

Contact information: Bauskas iela 180, Rīga, LV- 1004,


3rd place - AS „Valmieras Stikla šķiedra”

Valmieras stikla šķiedra is only enterprise in Baltic States which produces glass fiber and it is one of the largest enterprises of the chemical and textile industries within the Baltic States. Valmieras stikla šķiedra was founded in 1963. Through investments in the developing of new technologies it is still competent and reliable partner in Europe and rest of the world. Company manufactures glass fibre and glass fibre products, which can be used for further processing, for thermal and technical insulation materials, and as ready-made building materials. Glass fibre products can be used from simple heat insulation up to high technologies and space industry. Valmieras stikla šķiedra exports more than 97% of its production.

Contact information: Cempu iela 13, Valmiera, LV-4201,

Other finalists:
AS „Preiļu siers”
SIA „KMM Metāls”


Winners in the category „Best Exporter” ( small partnership group)

1st place - SIA „Nexum Insurance Technologies”

Nexum Insurance Technologies was founded in 2004 and it is only specialized insurance industry software development company in Baltic States. Nexum Insurance Technologies offers insurance management systems, policy registration and administration systems, money management systems and process automation consultation and IT audits for insurance companies. High quality products and a comprehensive knowledge of their market sector have made Nexum a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Company has a tight relationship with its partners: Tilde, Ultimus and Business Objects.  

Contact information: Duntes iela 6-504, Rīga, LV-1013,


2nd place - SIA „Varis Toys"

Since 2000 Varis Toys produces children wooden construction sets. All sets, which are being sold in the EU market under the brand name of VARIS, meet all the safety EU requirements. Varis Toys use only hardwood from birch trees for toy production. Every item in product line is produced in company’s factory, which is equipped with state of the art machinery purchased in Western Europe.
Each wood toy product is designed to use the joy of play to contribute to the educational and physical development of children. It is very important to develop children mind and learning capability through play.
Largest export markets are: Norway, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Denmark etc.

Contact information: "Saimes", Rencēni, Valmieras rajons, LV-4232,


3rd place - SIA „SWH SETS”

SWH SETS was founded in 2000 and it offers computer programming solutions, analyzing, testing and adaptation of programs for clients needs. Right now the largest project in Scandinavian market is MediationZone program implementation for telecommunication operators, which collects calls and data transmission information from communication equipment, to send it to payment systems or prepayment control systems. SWH SETS collaborating with MediationZone owners (Swedish enterprise DigitalRoute) has implemented this program for telecommunication operators in Switzerland, Luxemburg, USA, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Nigeria, the Philippines and Indonesia.    

Contact information: Antonijas iela 8, Rīga, LV-1010,


Other finalists:
SIA „Cad Cam Systems”
SIA „Ripo Fabrika”
SIA „Baldones veselības fonds – FG”
SIA „WMT Baltic”


Winners in the category „Innovative Product”

1st place - SIA „Real Sound Lab” - APEQ-2pro Acoustic Power Equalizer

Real Sound Lab was founded in 2004 and currently 11 people are employed in the company (including subsidiary companies in the US and Japan). CONEQ™ is a unique technology for automated and detailed equalization of acoustic systems. This simple, fast and reliable solution offers the opportunity of correction of linear distortions of electro-acoustic transduction devices (loudspeakers, microphones) of all kinds without creating of new defects. Recording studios, fixed sound installations, post production facilities, and commercial sound applications can all greatly benefit from CONEQ correction, without necessarily needing to repeatedly acquire the measurement data and re-generate the filter synthesis. To meet these requirements, the CONEQ 1U rack-mount hardware solution – APEQ-2PRO is offered.

Contact information: Akadēmijas laukums 1, Rīga, LV-1050,


2nd place - AS Energofirma „Jauda” - KTAb-6523 Compact transformer substation

Energofirma JAUDA was established in 1961. Nowadays it is one of the largest producers of electrical equipment in the Baltic States. Since the beginning JAUDA has produced products for energetic and electrification including compact substations, low and medium voltage equipment, metal constructions and metal ware. Compact transformer points (CTS) are designed to transform voltage from 20 or 10 kV to 0,4 kV and distribute it (may be also with metering) with one or two transformers up to 1000 kVA. The substation has auxiliary switchboard that ensures own devices (lights, sockets, thermo security etc.) feeding and security with automatic switches and fuse blocks. JAUDA produced concrete base substations are good for installation in cities and close to the object with special aesthetic importance, since they are elegant and from the architectonic point of view can fit any interior.

Contact information: Krustpils iela 119, Rīga, LV-1057,


3rd place - SIA „JZ Microphones” – Black Hole Studio microphone

JZ Microphones is an innovative technology manufacturing company. The main values of the company are innovation, high standard of quality, and challenge. By combining modern technologies with this hand crafted and tested approach, JZ Microphones introduces the new multi - pattern studio microphone Black Hole. The Black Hole is an absolutely technically innovative microphone. It is extraordinary because of two independent opposite placed large capsules inside the compact head. It is very handy and compact with absolutely originally looking design. JZ Microphones team is comprised of some of the most ambitious and challenge orientated people in the industry. The philosophy of the team is to find the best solutions for implementing a new level of sound recording.

Contact information: Gaujas iela 30, Rīgas rajons, Mārupe, LV-2167,

Other finalists:
SIA „Autonams”
SIA "Dilers"
SIA „V.L.T.”


"Leading Exporter 2008”

AS „Liepājas Metalurgs”

Liepājas metalurgs was founded in 1882. Company manufactures low carbon and low alloyed steel products, including reinforcing bars, steel wire, nails and castings.
Liepajas metalurgs is strategically intended to a stable and technically developed production process in order to provide high level market competitiveness and to further advance intellectual potential.
One of the advantages of the company is its location. Liepaja is a sea port, free of ice the whole year round.
Enterprise has started modernization of manufacturing process. During this process the nomenclature of products and quality would be increased, product costs would be reduced. Goal of the modernization is to become the most progressive metallurgical enterprise in Europe.

Contact information: Brīvības iela 93, Liepāja, LV-3401,